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so I was tagged to do this by sophelian and now I have to do this I think it’s fun… but it’s weird, girl talk to me at least

rules: just insert your answers to the questions below. tag at least 10 followers.

  • name: Magali, yeah it’s a south american one, I’m from Paraguay
  • nickname: Magylu, o Maggie but I prefer Magylu or just my name
  • birthday: February 18th
  • gender: female
  • sexuality: heterosexual
  • height: 1.63cm
  • time zone: I have no idea
  • what time and date is it there: September 19, 17:18 
  • average hours of sleep i get each night: from orders of my neurologist 8 hours, so that.
  • otps: Johnlock. But most I ship myself with everyone hehe… okay no
  • the last thing i googled was: Mindfulness
  • first word that comes to mind: Scott (yeah, I’m looking pictures of Andrew Scott)
  • what i last said to a family member: nothing! to my mom, when she  tried to read what I’m writing here
  • one place that makes me happy and why: In the scenar of a theater, ‘cause it gives that feeling that I’m doing something right and Iwant to do this for the rest of my life.
  • how many blankets i sleep under:one
  • favourite beverage: orange juice.
  • the last movie i watched in the cinema was: I don’t remember
  • three things i can’t live without: theater, books, and traveling, even though I don’t do the last often
  • a piece of advice for all my followers: find what makes you happy and do it for the rest of your life
  • you have to listen to this song: Reincarnate by MIW
  • my blog(s): somethingmorethantheycanbe; mbwrites
  • tagging anyone-for-shawarma lokisbliss @ifyoueverwanttobe thewinter-stark thewinterasgardian lokicanyouhearme angelic-sherlokid paizsaysboo bladeslove
    okay I think they are…
Fan fiction with fluff:Read in the corner of your bed with all the lights off at midnight while you giggle and blush
Fan fiction with smut:Read in very public places or with family with a perfectly straight face


the best line ever

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I loved this scene. Dude just shot Steve THREE times and it means absolute shit to Steve in terms of his feelings for Bucky. He hears Bucky scream and looks down, finds him trapped.

Steve is bleeding like fuck, exhausted, in pain, and the goddamn helicarrier is plummeting out of the sky, ON FIRE, and probably about to fucking explode.

But Steve didn’t plan on getting off anyway. He told Maria to fire.

He’s completed his mission. Saved millions. He’s done.
At this point, Steve is ready to die. But not before saving his friend. 


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modern day icarus with burns on his back and full of bitterness and throws out cynicism but sometimes he just looks at the sun like it’s the best thing in the world  (◡‿◡✿)


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Imagine if in The Avengers 2, at one point Steve is surrounded by enemies, and so are all the other avengers and it’s clear to Steve that he’s not gonna be walking away from this.

All of a sudden, they all start falling around him faster than any of them can realize what’s going on.

Steve looks up at a nearby building and just sees


hahahaha i didn’t need my heart at all

(vía thewinterasgardian)


Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

(vía thewinterasgardian)

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